Friday, August 19, 2011

On to the Big K (Kindergarten, that is)

Elena started Kindergarten yesterday. I don't suppose she's any different from other first day of school-ers. She woke up early with a smile, eager to get dressed, and had her shoes on before Lucas had gotten out of bed. This is saying a lot, for those of you who know how early Lucas gets up.

The little lady thought she was already too big for a parental accompaniment into class, but I insisted that I still have a few more years before she gets to play that card. After a few token pictures were taken, she kindly let me know she was fine and that I could now go.

I've tried very hard over the past (almost) six years to not rush the time or to wish away the precious early years. I refused to count the days until she would be in school. I thought it would make me more appreciative of the moments we spent together - easier to accept the marching on of time. Unfortunately, I think it made me more selfish. I want more time with her!!! She is so amazing and sweet and smart and all of the other wonderful qualities moms attribute to their children. I just want to keep her to myself, but I won't. I'll share her.

Today was the second day of school. Elena's enthusiasm to get up at 6:30 is already waned. She pulled the covers over her head and asked if it was almost summer vacation again. Poor thing has no idea what's in store...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Preschool Wrap-up

We finished preschool last week. Lucas had a great year and a great party to finish things off (thanks to a great home-room parent - the other mom in his class, not me). He loved his tattoos and the face paint. He has made such strides in his development and it is so fun to see him interact with his friends and teachers. He is such a sweet boy and is so aware of the needs of those around him. He has also come a long way in learning how to handle his emotions and communicate productively.

And after three years at St. Francis Pre-School, Elena is an official graduate and ready to go onto Kindergarten. I, on the other hand, am not ready for such a transition.

Sorry to the grandparents. I have a video of the "promotion ceremony" but I"m having trouble loading it. You will have to settle for a fuzzy picture (my camera battery was low and eventually gave out).

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another (Year) Bites the Dust

Since soccer ended about three months ago, an update on the rest of our 2010 may be needed. It's not that anything earth shattering happened, but I feel a little incomplete until this tiny corner of my mind's "to-do" clutter is cleaned out. It really was a great year (and yes, I realize we're almost 1/12 finished with the next one already) filled with a lot of fun memories. I figured today would be a good day to catch up since it's a snowday and I don't see us going anywhere in the immediate future.

I'll hit the highlights.

1. Halloween. Yes, I am that pathetically behind.

Lucas and Elena got into the tattoos and decorated his face. This wasn't part of his Halloween costume, but I thought it was cute. He is wearing skeleton pajamas if that helps it count.

My little Superhero. He looks intimidating, right? After Halloween we found Spiderman for 75% off. He's been having an identity crisis ever since.

I don't think Elena fully understood what she was for Halloween. She liked the costume Grandma sent her, and that was enough. She told everyone she was a poodle girl.

2. Pre-winter fun. Winter in West Virginia is ugly. Ugly. Until the snow comes. Then you can't get out for days because they plow the roads at a snail's pace. The greyness becomes a little depressing, so we try to get outside as much as possible. This is the middle of December and we got out to enjoy a little warming spell. Although, we go in our snow boots and winter clothes when it's colder too.
3. Jump ahead to the end of December. Elena's first toothfairy experience.
I can't handle loose teeth. Even my own grossed me out. Elena's wasn't much of an exception. The poor thing was so scared until the big moment when that little tooth, hanging by a little thread, finally surrendered to her wiggling and tugging. That night we found a little velvet pocket and tucked the tooth safely underneath her pillow. The tooth was safe, but the loot wasn't as lucky. The tooth fairy left Elena a shiny gold dollar coin. Lucas was a little too tempted by the treasure and stole it from her. That didn't go over well with Elena and it really didn't go over well with Lucas when I took the coin back and returned it to its rightful owner.

4. Christmas. This year we really didn't want to travel. We just wanted a quiet Christmas with as little activity as humanly possible. So we extended the invitation to family - If you want to see us, you need to come to us. Only Drew's parents took us up the offer. Drew had to work Christmas Day and the rest of the weekend, but he was able to come home here and there to get in some presents and food (He had 5 days off over New Year's instead). The kids were able to open presents in three shifts, so they were in Heaven. I made a meal sufficient to feed us for the next week. Drew caught up on rest and his Lost episodes during his break. All in all it was a great holiday.

Lucas can't take a picture without sticking his tongue out. It is physically impossible for him.

Drew was really excited about his Christmas present for me. I will admit that it is the most comfortable t-shirt ever. I might consider living in it.
We always buy live Christmas trees. While living here we have always gone to a tree farm and cut down our own fresh tree. This year we didn't have any time, sadly, and got our tree at a local store. I know lots of people who had good luck buying from this same place, but we started sweeping up daily piles similar to this one starting a couple days after we brought it home. It was a gorgeous tree, and it had needles to spare because it still looked good at Christmas, but I just loved it's quirky tendency to shed needles every time someone looked at it funny.

Love her!

Joining in the tongue fun.

Reading the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve.

Elena was in the sweetest little Christmas production ever. Her school put on this amazing show and the Pre-schoolers were the first act. Lucas was in it too, but I didn't get a good picture of him.
5. The doctor is in. One of the benefits of being married to a surgeon is that he is getting really good at cutting things off our bodies. Elena had a little (well, getting bigger) wart ("bump") on her finger. Drew can't handle seeing growths without wanting to chop them off. So we went into the clinic one day, and after bribing Elena with some ice cream and lunch at her favorite spot (the hospital cafeteria) she was bump free. She was left with a cigarette sized burn on her finger where Drew had cauterized the place where the bump had been. I don't know why I felt like I had to explain this to everyone. I guess I was scared they would call CPS and accuse me of abusing her or something. A month later, the patient is all healed up.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our exercise in organized sports

This year I was so excited that Elena was old enough to play soccer and that the deadline hadn't already lapsed by the time I went to sign her up. Oh how I wished she shared one shred of the excitement. She kept at it, and actually did a great job. Their team named themselves "The Seamonsters." Elena's favorite part of any sport is the end when the teams line up and give each other "fives."

The Seamonsters in all their glory.

Elena was pretty excited about her participation medal that she received. In fact, if you come to our house she'll more than likely show it to you.

This is how Lucas enjoys the soccer games. It was a bit cold, so he hid under his blanket almost the whole time we were there.

Love 'em!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A whole hand

That's right. Elena turned 5 last month. According to her, she is now old enough to pick whatever she wants to eat, lose her teeth, go to kindergarten, be the boss, and so many other wonderful big girl things. We go back and forth on the list quite often. I still can't convince her that five year-olds don't cry.

This five year-old does think it's pretty neat she gets to share October with her daddy's birthday. He's a whole hand plus a few more.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Get Funky

This is a video that Elena's teacher and principal made. Elena's in the front row towards the left. Please don't blame me if you have this song in your head all day long.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dum, Dum, Da-Dum

Wedding bells were ringing this summer. The happy couple (drum roll please): My baby brother and his adorable bride. I'm pretty excited to have another sister-in-law since I don't have any sisters of my own, but I don't think my excitement comes anywhere near Elena's excitement over being the flower girl. I don't even know if the bride's compares. You'll have to let me know, Wy.
The wedding was perfect. Seriously, perfect. Like from a movie perfect. The flower girl and ring bearer were especially adorable. We tied a couple of Lucas's little toy guys to the ring pillow to help hold his attention down the aisle. It worked. Thank goodness. Of course his shepherd/sister made sure he didn't miss a step and posed for her close-up the whole way down to the front.
I didn't get a lot of pictures (attn family: if you have pictures-please send/email them to me), but I get a few that paint the picture.

My favorite photo of the day. Lucas's ring bearer outfit lasted about 2.7 seconds after the "I-dos" and into the "soccer ball" shirt he changed.

We had a lot of fun spending time with the family! We love you, Uncle Trenton.

The best man and the flower girl.

The lone picture of Lucas. He liked the big dance floor. Not to dance, but to be swung around by Grandpa Lee. I think Grandpa enjoyed himself as well.

Speaking of the dance floor-I should mention that we practically had to tear Elena off of it around 11:00 pm. She would not stop. Maybe once, for the cake.